Making Healthy Choices to Feel Look and Be the Best You

Your weight has so much to do with how you feel and definitely how you look. The old adage ‘if you look good you feel good’ is so true. Being overweight plays into our physical health, and also our emotional well being. What if you learned how to get yourself into a better frame of mind, to make better, healthier choices. What if the steps to get there were also enjoyable?

We are constantly seeing pictures of thin people looking good and having fun. We are also being fed an assortment of fast food options and junk food advertisements. What if we could imagine turning the junk food picture black and adding your favourite music to a video with you as the star eating healthy and looking fabulous!

Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle

Making healthy choices isn’t always easy. We are surrounded by temptation that feeds our emotions. Much like The Little Red Riding story we are led down the garden path of poor choices that can leave us nauseated, overweight and comprising our health. 

All  journeys begin with the first step. The first step in weight loss begins with commitment. Deciding NOW is the time to begin your journey because you deserve to feel good and look good. 

The idea of losing weight can seem overwhelming, but by taking small consistent steps it is probably much easier that you think. By adding healthier foods gradually it is much easier than a drastic lifestyle change. By increasing your physical activity gradually it also makes the transition much easier. As you see yourself losing weight not only will you feel physically better you will be learning along way.

Making Healthy Food Choices To Support a Healthy You

The food we eat is so important for short term and long term well being. Choosing what we eat quite often requires planning. Be the captain of your body and plan ahead. There are so many fast food and junk food options that lure us into surrendering our well being for convenience. Again by taking small steps and packing healthy snacks when we go out gives us a better long term gain. 

Choosing water or unsweetened coffee or tea over soda drinks, sports drinks and juices also contributes to weight loss. Drinking calories is never a good option. 

By eating healthy foods, drinking water and moving our body we lose the excess weight and have more energy to embrace life on a whole new level.

Get Support

By committing and declaring to yourself you are going to lose weight you have taken the first step on the journey to the healthy and attractive you. You are the only one that can lose the excess weight and choose health over a sedentary calorie filled lifestyle. 

Asking for support from family and friends is also a great way achieve your weight loss goals. You may even inspire others to join you in this healthy way of living. A coach to support and guide you through your weight loss plan is also a great way to success. Life is quite often much more joyful when shared and inspired.